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Our vision and our purpose is to inspire women to discover the power of being one in Christ.  We aim to do that through experiences, both live and virtual, that encourage women to come together, build relationships and understand how much more we can accomplish as the body of Christ when we are united. 

We want to provide opportunities to meet women from all around the world.  To become a network of women who love Christ and love each other and want to encourage each other.  There will be powerful speakers, exciting worship times, time to reflect, fun and even shopping! This will be our Be1 Experience.

 Vision & Purpose

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Be1 has hosted virtual events to start conversations about things we are all involved in, like recovery from the pandemic and race relations.  We will continue to provide those opportunities to continue the conversation and to grow in understanding of each other.


Be1 will also be a resource for women to learn about opportunities to work together through ministries and projects and to learn about ways to impact the world for Christ. When you are in a relationship you want to know more about that person, what are her desires and needs and what have been her life experiences.  And, you want to encourage her in her journey towards eternity.  Be1 wants to be a part of building those relationships.

Be1 seeks to bring us together as women who are covered by the blood of Christ.  To encourage, to challenge and most of all to learn how much more power and influence we have together, as one.


Meet The Team

Leisha Photo.jpg

Leisha Norwood


Lyndsey Goode 8x10-1.jpg

Lyndsey Laminack

Stage Manager

Joni Walker.jpg

Joni Walker

Vendor Management

Karen Johnson.jpg

Karen Johnson

Greeter Team

Britney Haga.jpg

Britney Haga

Worship Team

Tommie Varney.png

Tommie Varney

Church Contacts


Jillian Taylor

Social Media/Event Décor 


Tracy Spear

Project Manager


Terri Pendergraft


Mary Jo Cochrum.jpg

Mary Jo Cochrum

Team Counselor


Courtney Goff


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